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Ready to make your investment but are unsure where to start?

We can assist you in making the right decision for improving not only the value of your home, but also its health and safety. Our step-by-step process will guide you through each of your decisions. Sub Zero’s knowledgeable staff can help you make the right decision, so you won’t regret making a mistake later on. After installation, Sub Zero Heating & Cooling Ltd. guarantees that the equipment will operate efficiently.

1. What size is right for you?

It is important to get equipment that is built to handle the square footage of the area or home where the equipment will be installed. This will affect how the equipment operates and the lifespan of the equipment.

2. Using a trusted & certified technician

The best way to protect your investment is to have your equipment installed by a certified technician. There’s one thing YouTube videos and instruction manuals don’t do: they don’t give you a professional opinion on where to place your equipment to achieve your goals.

3. Cheap isn’t necessarily the best

The item you are purchasing should last you for years on end with little maintenance and little to no surprises. If you are on a tight budget, then cheap will not work for you. This doesn’t mean you have to get the latest technology, but you don’t want your investment to be thrown away too soon.

4. Equipment Guarantee

When making a purchase, people often get scammed because of written equipment guarantees. Sub Zero offers a 10-year parts guarantee and a 1-year labour guarantee. It all depends on which equipment you get when buying new.

5. You are ready to make a decision

Now that you have been informed of the steps to take when making a decision, you can start looking for a solution for your home. If you still don’t know where to start, Sub Zero is here to help. Just email or call us today and we will sit down and figure out which solution would be most suited to your needs.

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