Navien H2Air DHW System

Endless Hot Water

The Navien tankless water heater add‑on accessory that creates an all‑in‑one hydronic forced‑air heating and endless domestic hot water system

Designed for both retrofit and new construction residential applications, Navien’s H2Air Kit* allows for forced-air space heating and DHW system integration between NPE-A Series tankless water heater models and a hydronic air handler. With H2Air you will have a combination appliance that can provide endless domestic hot water and continuous space heating when sized correctly.

H2Air is compatible with hydronic air handler models that require W1/W2/R terminals along with single or dual-stage thermostats†. The included Outdoor Reset Sensor provides optimum performance and efficiency for space heating.


Premium features:

  • DHW priority or simultaneous
  • DHW and heating
  • Endless supply of domestic hot water
  • Adjustable outdoor temperature reset and heating set points
  • Adjustable pump purge timer


H2Air Kit includes:

  • Controller
  • 13-pin connector cable
  • Outdoor temperature sensor
  • Flow switch for DHW

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