Daikin 19 Series

Sleek Effeciency

Discreet wall-mounted unit providing high efficiency and comfort.

19 Series Wall Mount Systems provide energy efficiency and comfort control with an affordable, cost saving solution. Available in both heat pump and cooling only models, these systems feature streamlined, wall mounted indoor units paired with quiet and compact outdoor units.


Premium comfort features:

  • Energy Efficient – Up to 19 SEER / 9.0 HSPF /12.5 EER for ultra-efficient cooling and heating operation and reduced operating costs compared to conventional lower-efficiency systems.
  • Cooling Range 50° – 115° F (Extended operation to -4° – 115° F with facility setting and wind baffle)
  • Heating Range 5° – 65° F


Ideal solution for:

  • Renovations, remodeling and new construction
  • Sun rooms, basements, attics, garages, hot or cold rooms, and more
  • Rooms where floor space comes at a premium or is not available for other application
  • Ceiling void or attic does not allow for a viable duct run option
  • Cooling Only models are an excellent value for space not requiring heating

Start Saving Money NOW!

There’s no need to putting off a more Energy Efficient, Cost Effective home comfort system.