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Rebates & Grants

Better Homes BC Rebate

If you are needing to have your heating and cooling system replaced, the Better Homes BC rebate is worth checking out to reduce your costs! Better Homes BC offers a $6000 rebate for switching from an oil, gas, or propane furnace – with the option of 0% financing and 0 payments for 90 days.

Canada Greener Homes Grant

If you are looking to retrofit any heat pump system, the Canada Greener Homes Grant can help reduce your costs! You can receive up to $600 to put towards your home evaluation costs and up to $5000 off an improved, energy efficient, retrofit option.

CVRD Community Wood Stove Smoke Reduction Program

If you are wanting a more energy efficient option to replace your woodstove, and live in the Cowichan area, the Cowichan Valley Regional District has partnered with us to provide some great options and incentives that are worth checking out!

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